Premiere: “Escape to Bliss” with Cerebrum’s Cosmic Death Metal


What is bliss, you might ask? Is it curling up on the couch with a good book while a fire crackles upon your hearth? Is it feeling the gentle caress of the warm Atlantic current tickling your sand-caked toes? Is it crushing your enemies and seeing them driven before you? NAY! None of the above, Greek tech death titans Cerebrum warn us! Bliss is the mind-bending gravity and eye-searing heat of a brand new track from the meteoric Iridium! Escape with me today, now, exclusively at Toilet ov Hell!

Bliss is a cascade of pulsing, wavering riffs twinkling int he night sky like a brilliant aurora of sweeps and scale runs.

Bliss is an intoxicating, almost nauseating ride of manic G-forces pressing you back into your leather desk chair as the inhumanly precise drumming blasts you off into the stratosphere.

Bliss is the out-of-this world musicianship, boasting soulful leads that dance and flicker upon the sun’s demise in the spirited waltz of a green flash.

Bliss is recognizing the skill and artistry of genre forebears like Cynic and Nocturnus and realizing that true illumination comes from bending the entropic forces of pure technicality to the cosmic arc of skilled musicianship to produce an astounding track that sounds both human and alien, familiar and bracing, ancient and modern, all in one.

Bliss is the combined efforts of four talented musicians with a Colin Marston production job and a Costin Chioreanu cover to produce one of the finest premieres we’ve had the distinct pleasure of unveiling.

Iridium drops December 21st. Order it here via Transcending Obscurity and follow the band on Facebook.

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