Riff of the Week: fucken dad rock


We’re all dads this week, baby.

Gather ’round and listen to these positively paternal riffs.

Last week, 10 savvy voters picked a pretty good Morbid Angel riff and thus bequeathed the win to mighty Joe. Long may he reign.

Let’s pick a word for next week. What’s a word used in a lot of metal songs? Uh… let’s go with “war.” Your riff must come from a song with the word “war” in its title. Try to pick something other than “War” by Bathory, “War” by Burzum, or “War” by Bolt Thrower. Mail me your war riffs at toiletovhellriff@gmail.com. Include your name, a very brief description of your riff, the timestamp of the riff, and a youtube link for the song.

Okay, let’s hurry and jam out like lame dads because I have to put my obnoxious kid to bed like a lame dad.



Still managed to get a dragon on the cover AND in the lyrics so suck it dorks. 1:20ish.



It doesn’t get much more dad rock than Austin-native and actual crazy person Roky Erickson, Hit 1:18 for that tasty, tasty riffage.



Hey Marge, remember when we used to make out to this hymn?


Special Agent Dale Cooper

Because Top Gun. And Archer. And cheesy 80’s hard rock. And Volleyball. And Lana. And DAYYNNNGEERRRR ZOOUUUUNNNEEE!



Guns n’ roses are definitely my favorite dad rock band. Anything off Appetite would be low hanging fruit so I’ll go with this buried gem. 6:25 until the end.


Tertius Decimus

You know, often acknowledged pioneers get all the attention and the glory. Swedish band Trettioåriga Kriget is pretty well-known among those, who likes to put hands onto 70’s records, however those few rarely try to throw those gems at public. Here’s my shy attempt. Experimental at its best.



By the time this goes live, Pops will be defrosting some frozen hamburgers and heating up the grill; boasting a huge grin because deep down he knows he done raised a good future dad. Skip to 0:54 to simultaneously make the hairs on your arm stand up and your father proud.



My dads not big into music. One of those guys who just wants it on the background while he drinks beer and tells the same ten stories over and over to his friends. But some tunes do stand out for him, and ZZ Top never fails to make his ears perk up. Baseline riff starting right at zero is classic. Who doesn’t love ZZ Top?


Janitor Jim

Since this is the Dad Rock Riff Of The Week, I already won. I could submit Paul McCartney sharting and I’d still win. I’m not going to do that so I shall pick my favorite of the Phil Collins era Genesis songs: One For The Vine. The riff starts at 0:00 and goes until 0:13. It’s repeated in the middle of the song as well.


Ted Nü-Djent

Let there be (dad) rock! Riff at 0.00, 1.47 and 3.33. Bonus lols seeing Bon eat shit jumping off the altar at the 4.15 mark. Legend has it, he fucked his ankle when he took that tumble. He was probably as pissed as a fart when they made this video.



Tom Petty, George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan……….. need I say more? One of the true supergroups of the 80’s.



At first, I wanted to submit a 70’s prog rock song in the vein of Yes, but I had a change of heart. If there’s going to be a dad rock edition, let’s make it a hard rockin’ one! (Sorry) The riff is the opening one. You know it. I’m sure you do.



This is Coprolytic, and since I am an old piece of shit the dad rock challenge is the right time to submit my first riff. Starting at 0:13, this riff reminds dad of when he almost rebelled a little bit that one time, and tempts him to do it again.



It wasn’t dad rock at the time, but it certainly is now. I remember my old man banging on the bedroom door yelling, “TURN THAT DOWN!”. Now, he wanders around the house whistling Wind of Change. Riff at 1:01.


Boss the Ross

Bask in the glory.



The bass riff that kicks in at 0:20 (and plays throughout the song) is pretty awesome—I dig that distortion. My dad thinks this song rocks, and I have to agree with him.




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