PREMIERE: Malignancy – Purity Of Purpose

Malignancy Discontinued

Guess who’s back, back again

Malignancy’s back, tell a friend “URRRRRRRRRRRR”

Around 20 years ago, I became a DJ at my college’s radio station. The metal section was pitiful. Picked clean and ignored, there was about half a shelf of cd’s to work with at the time. While most of that shelf was leftovers and empty cd cases, I do remember one from a band called Malignancy. Even without hearing a single note, just looking at their name and their logo, I knew I was in for something gross. And I was right.

The band is back once again to rearrange our guts with the first track of their upcoming album …discontinued called “Purity Of Purpose”. It’s got everything a growing metalhead body needs to fester and rot: death, grind, thrash, tech, and a general disregard for safety. Beyond the bodily harm, the song also goes for the mind with a deeper purpose.

Malignancy says about the track:

“Purity of Purpose is about trying to do what is ethically right as a professional, but ignoring the implications of what could happen as a result.”


…discontinued is out on cd, vinyl, and digital formats on June 14th via Willowtip Records. Pre-orders are available this Friday. Head on over to Willowtip’s Bandcamp and website to grab it.

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