Premiere: Ghost Horizon – Oozaru


The storyteller borrows his authority from Goku.

Ghost Horizon is an atmospheric black metal band from Phoenix, AZ, spearheaded by Dan Stollings. The Punishment of Life follows up their first two EPs, and this full-length was done as a live studio recording, imperfections and all.

To give you a taste of what’s being dished out on the album, we’ve got an exclusive premiere of their single “Oozaru,” which happens to be about the great ape from Dragonball Evolution (I’m assuming, anyway). Weebs line up!

The group has this to say: “I hope you enjoy Oozaru! I bet you never thought you’d hear a black metal song about the coolest transformation in anime.”

The song itself is a very nice melancholic mood piece, drowning in reverb as one would expect with the genre. The vocals show of a decent amount of range in terms of texture that lay the groundwork well for this storytelling and the instrumentation keeps things supported without getting in the way. The track also doesn’t overstay its welcome, and works well as a standalone piece as well as a segue into the next song on the album.

I hadn’t heard of Ghost Horizon before and I was very pleasantly surprised by their work, very much in my wheelhouse. I hope you enjoy as well. If you do, be sure to check out their other work and to pick up The Punishment of Life, which is dropping on the 9th.

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