Premiere: Glimpse our future with Paranorm’s “The Immortal Generation”


Science Fiction. Tech Thrash. Hell yes.

Some people look to technology as a saviour of humankind; some metalheads look to tech thrash as the saviour of an otherwise stale genre. I don’t know about you, but I’d sooner bet on the second horse. Sweden’s Paranorm seem to be of a similar mind—they play a very tech-leaning style of thrash and, incidentally, raise some questions about where technology will eventually take us in the second single from their upcoming debut Empyrean, which we’re stoked to premiere for you today. Check out “The Immortal Generation” right now:

Holy shit, that lead guitar. Says the band,

“Musically, we wanted to explore contrasting tempos, with a slow buildup before the fast chorus part. The whole song is a bit different from the rest of the album with some of our old New Wave of British Heavy Metal-influences sneaking in.”

Those influences come through in the melodies weaving through the song (not to mention the absolutely fire solos) and a chorus that’s catchy as hell. All of this is coupled with the band’s adventurous songwriting, which is on display throughout the entire record.

Meanwhile, the lyrics explore what might happen to us once science has cleared that final hurdle—death itself.

“As for the lyrics, I was inspired by the great strides currently being made in the biological and medical sciences. A recurring concept on the album is the balance between the potential and the dangers of scientific advancement, and The Immortal Generation is very much part of that concept.”

Empyrean will be out via Redefining Darkness on February 26th. Digital and physical versions can be pre-ordered on their Bandcamp.

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