Stream: Winds Of Leng – Horrid Dominion


The wait is over, today Winds Of Leng release their crushing debut slab, a truly relentless shredding assault of punishing old-school savagery (Bingo?).

Anyone who has been around the bowl long enough will know that TovH veteran Scrimm is a tough critic, ready to dish out his trademark NOPE’s on anyone and anything that fails to meet his intensely scrutinous glare. We can only assume that it was this quest to ensure everything was up to his lofty standards that kept this long-awaited album from being released any earlier. It definitely didn’t have anything to do with the band working full-time jobs, trying to find time to write, practising together where possible, meticulously rehearsing their parts, late-night jam/drinking sessions, securing motherfucking Dan Swanö to mix/master the album at Unisound AB, sorting out some fitting cover art by Alex Tartsus, and all that other time consuming shit that goes into creating a debut album on an independent band’s meagre budget. No, it was the internal fear of not living up to those high expectations. And while I’m sure if you asked them their thoughts now it’s all done, they’d maintain modesty and let self-doubt take over, clouding their response(s). But I’m here to tell you without any hesitation that this album is 100% awesome. The band’s influences shine through (Dismember, Grave, Entombed etc.) and the production is exactly what you want from this type of album – MASSIVE. From the moment the riffs begin on “Beneath Unhallowed Earth” until the final moments of “Lord Of The Dead”, Horrid Dominion will have you under its command. Fucking smash play below and prepare to have your head blown off.

See? If you don’t pick this up for the measly $5 they’re asking, you’re a deadset clown. But don’t just take my word for it, here’s what a few of our other staff have to say about Winds Of Leng:

“If you’ve already started compiling your top 10 list for 2017, make sure to leave one spot open because you are going to adore Horrid Dominion. “Devourer” exemplifies everything wonderful about the band: urgent riffs full of inertia, galloping double-bass work, and some of most evil sounding shrieks delivered by our friend Scrimm. And though you may be impressed by the one-two punch of the songs I have premiered for you thus far, they serve as the tip of the iceberg for the behemoth that is to come. A great quantity of blood, sweat, and beers has been invested in Horrid Dominion”. – Jimmy McNulty (excerpt from “Devourer” track premiere)

“Wait, one of our commenters is capable of making something like THIS? I’m not one to know much about death metal, but this is clearly going to be a hit among lovers of filth. The vocals just melt through the intense drumming and thrashing riffs like butter through a warm piece of toast. The production is outstanding. The winds are blowing strong for Leng on this day. Is this something you should skip? NOPE!” – Joaquin Stick.

Horrid Dominion releases today and can be purchased from Winds Of Leng’s Bandcamp page for $5.

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