Flush it Friday: The Owl Has Landed


Packing up the twigs, bones, and microplastics that make up my home is always a pain in the tailfeathers, especially since it’s been happening so often these last few years. This week, I landed in my latest tree, and it seems somewhat stable, despite the noisy critters that live in the canopy. Nothing a slimy pellet in the slippers and a stern note won’t fix! If there’s one thing I know as an owl, it’s that humans adore the feeling of mucus-coated fur and miniscule skulls crushing under their bare feet.

Hans with the pumpkin-spice metal we all crave in the Fall:

Fall Festivities & Autumnal Activities – 2022 Edition

Tha Boiz continued the Toilet Radio Spooktacular with special guest The Horror Guru!

Toilet Radio 396 – Hard Rock Nightmare (feat. The Horror Guru)

A Spooky Mansion spoke with Faetooth in this fairy good interview:

Interview: Faetooth

365 Days of Horror showed us just because you pumpkin, doesn’t mean you pumpshould:

Shirt Stains: Devildriver S. Pumpkins

Pls carve those G/B/Us into the rotting pumpkin flesh that is Disqus. ~<3 Roldy

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