Premiere: Let Replicant tell you about Inescapable Grief


In case you forgot what awaits on Monday.

Here we are. It’s Friday. Another week of work is almost behind you. Many of you are undoubtedly counting the minutes and looking forward to indulging in your vice of choice. You will enjoy yourself in the time that is allotted for pleasure in your internal calendar. After you’re done flailing like a briefly out-of-control meat robot, the cycle starts anew. Ad infinitum. Or, you know, until your parts give in.

Here’s the good news though: Replicant get you. They know a thing or two about the ol’ rinse-and-repeat that passes for life in a lot of cases. We are therefore glad to send you into the weekend with a track from their forthcoming debut full-length Negative Life that deals with just that. In the band’s own words:

“Sometimes we feel there are things we cannot change and are sentenced to endure them. ‘Inescapable Grief’ focuses on the existential torment of enduring a long, stagnant life, experiencing the ennui of monotonous rumination.”

“Monotonous rumination” might be my new favourite phrase. As you can hear though, Replicant’s music does not give in to monotony. “Inescapable Grief” seems to attempt what its title deems impossible. Writhing and slithering, it seeks to escape its entanglement. Much like you, it flails its limbs in ever new ways and stretches in ever new directions in hope of escaping its cell. Dissonant guitars tirelessly break the confining walls. A clattering bass patiently puts cracks in the floor like a subtle jackhammer. Pain-infused vocals vent anger and frustration. It’s a reminder that the fight as not as futile as you may sometimes think.

Negative Life will be released via PRC Music on the 23rd of March. You can pre-order the CD or the digital version. Then you may resume chipping away at your prison before it starts chipping away at you.

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