This Exclusive Stream Will Break Your Damn Neck, No Question.


Rising Mexican death-force Question return with the most bangin’ riff-attack of the year so far!

For those of you who missed their killer EP Gnosis Primordial from a year or so ago, Question are a young death metal band hailing from Querétaro, Mexico. The four-piece group have been steadily toiling away gaining recognition outside of their homeland, and 2018 seems like it will be the year all that work will start to pay off for the band with the announcement of this self-titled EP and a full-length release to follow. And today you get to hop in early and hear the whole thing before the March 15th release date. When the first song “Holders Of Nothing” appeared online a couple of weeks back I was stoked to see the band had teamed up with Caligari Records, who you might recall recently served up that monstrous Archaic Tomb debut. But where that release flaunted with the ritualistic madness of UK demons Vacivus and their ilk, Question tread a wilder, more erratic path.

While the fact the band hails from Mexico may immediately call to mind the region’s death metal legends The Chasm, Question seem to be heading in a direction more closely related to a combination of the capricious and ever-eccentric Norwegian death metal scene, and that of the current crop of weird-death arising in North America over the last 5 or so years. Question appear to share Nucleus‘ affinity for Adramelech-style riffing, and Tomb Mold‘s surreal single note tone-twisters, interspersed with bouts of blunt chord trauma. In short, it fucking rules.

As you’ll hear, the second track (“Bone Breaking Cold”) hints at some of the Mesoamerican melodies which echo around the nearby Mt. Corchado, however Question don’t seem interested in surmounting that much-vaunted peak, preferring to use them sporadically as VoidCeremony did on their most recent effort. “Nefarious Conclusion” sounds like it’s going to be a straight-up stomper from the get-go, however it isn’t long before the band show us what separates them from the droves of derivative drones diluting the modern death metal demographic. Question possess that impressive quality of being able to play parts that ostensibly feel unhinged and unpredictable within songs that retain a remarkable degree of fluidity. The momentum of each riff transitions into the next without feeling overtly choppy or forced, which is oftentimes an unfortunate consequence of bands attempting this style of death metal. The final track, “Universal Path Of Disgrace” is the standout for me, and is over 6 minutes of noxious death metal dominance. This EP proves Question are a force to be reckoned with, not only within their region, but amongst the current death metal scene as a whole.

Pick up Question‘s self-titled offering from Caligari Records or on their Bandcamp page.

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