Premiere: Tragic Death – Gloaming


And hell followed with him.

Madison, Wisconsin’s Tragic Death smirk at the oncoming storm with their brand of apocalyptic black metal. Not content with just abusing your ears with the same lo-fi tremolo-and-blast-beat we’re-so-pkooky mixture that too many black metal bands do, Tragic Death weaves different riffs, tempos, and atmospheres to create something that is complex, yet highly accessible. Hell, I don’t even like 99% of black metal, but this…this is something special.

The band give a musical fist-bump to War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death with their new track “Gloaming.” The song acts as a harbinger, not just for what is to come on the band’s new EP Born Of Dying Embers, but of a world that is rapidly descending into chaos. Like the aforementioned four horsemen, Gloaming gallops with a dark and sinister purpose, separating the wheat from the chaff. If this song is any indication, we, the listeners, are most certainly the chaff.

About the track, the band says,

“As a band that places a strong emphasis on apocalyptic lore and doomsday revelations we utilize certain dynamics to induce anxiety and dread. ‘Gloaming’ takes these characteristics with a definite raw and aggressive approach. This one is fun to play live and it pummels through the entire track as it really captures a dystopian discord.”

Hold on to something and listen for yourself:

Born Of Dying Embers will be released on October 25th. You can grab your copy on Bandcamp.

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