Premiere: No Funeral – “Forgiveness II”


Could you be there? ‘Cause I’m the one who waits for you… Or are you Forgiveness II?

The sun may be shining now that it is Spring, but deep feelings of melancholy persist through the seasons. Some may be “walking on sunshine” but No Funeral reminds us all that those feelings are fleeting. Today, we’re diving head and heart first into his new album Nonexistent with a new song premiere.

“Forgiveness II” featuring Zvi (Ron Varod from Kayo Dot, Psalm Zero, and Sabbath Assembly) on guest vocals is an emotionally draining track that embraces the listener in a sea of emotions. The steady choral hums and downright mournful piano create a sense of creeping despair without the overwhelming crush found in funeral doom or frantic mania of DSBM.

No Funeral describes the album Nonexistent as “Sonically, the album is influenced by Ben Frost, Arvo Part and Bohren & Der Club of Gore. Focused on digital choirs and textures, the album tells the story of a man lost in his own darkness, walks away from faith, finding peace among his own demons, exploring in sounds feelings of despair, loneliness, forgiveness and solemnity.”

You can also listen to two more songs via No Funeral’s bandcamp.

Nonexistent will be available digitally on April 21 via Halfpear Records and on limited cassette in June.

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