Riff Of The Week: Hole-y Edition



Last week we unleashed our inner sexual Tyrannosaurs for the Predator Edition. McNulty’s boys in Black Fast were the only ones who made it to the choppa and booked themselves a date in an LA penthouse with Danny Glover and King Willie.

This week our theme was Hole(s). Here’s the riff you sent in…

FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper
Big Black – ‘Fish Fry’ (Riff @ 1:01)

You asked for a song about holes, here’s one about two kinds of holes. I won’t spoil the type of holes their singing about here, just be warned, it ain’t the pleasant kind. The riff is a monster tho, pure noisy brilliance.

Heavy Chettle
Dead In The Dirt – “The Pit Of Me” (Riff @ 0:00)

This track is a superb declination of its riff through all cases of Crusty crawl-ative, Grindative mixed with Powerviolence-ative to Feedbackative. You might feel at first that this contender is not very complex, but abandon that notion and pay attention, as you will, how this thing is charged with electric currents of different qualities yet all with immense power. Dead In The Dirt viciously nailed a sometimes suffocatingly thick, sometimes exhilaratingly explosive melange of Grind, Powerviolence, HC and then some with rare precision and rigor and they make you feel it on every track of masterpiece The Blind HOLE”. As if this weren’t enough the song is called “The PIT of me” (capitalisations mine). Also just look at the album’s cover. You’ll find no hole in my case for this contender for ROTW.

Howard Dean

Alice in Chains – “Down in a Hole” (Riff/Feelz @ 0:00)

All the feelz. I’m not very creative but like 90% of what I’ve listened to in the last year or two is Alice in Chains so what do you expect? I’m a child of divorce, give me a break!

Vastum – Hole Below (A Dream of Ritual Abuse) (Riff @ 2:00)

This riff was engineered precisely to leave you disturbed for days – a squirming vibrato lick that seeps from beneath some absolutely disgusting vocals. My first reaction when I hear this section is to dig a womb shelter (sorry, bomb shelter) to protect my body from the pounding.

Void Omnia – ‘Singularity’ (Riff @ 0:00)

About to go away for the weekend so here’s a riff from a song called ‘Singularity’ on an album called Dying Light by Void Omnia. If you look up the lyrics to try and prove it’s not somehow referencing a black hole you can form a gravity-well where the sun don’t shine and suck your anal-retentive pedantry right up to the wormhole in your collapsing dwarf brain.

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