There’s a Toilet ov Hell Discord Channel?


Oh god what the hell is this

I’m gonna be honest with you. I’m not really sure what Discord is. Brenocide made this the other day and sent me an invite. I logged in and was immediately bombarded by strange words and links to heavy metal records. The flashing screen and booping noises are terrifying and intoxicating.

As best I can tell, this is some kind of Web Two Point Oh chat room. Or perhaps an updated user experience with AOL Instant Messenger. Or maybe it’s like Disqus except people are on all day and goddamn night, posting away to their heart’s content. People say rude jokes to one another, paste Bandcamp links, and talk about video games. I thought we outlawed those.

Normally I wouldn’t recommend that you join a strange online internet-enabled computer network website but Rolderathis, the channel moderator, has assured me that everything is above board. I trust Owl Boy and you probably do too so go ahead and join the channel right here. And may god have mercy on all our souls.

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