Lyric Video Premiere: Creeping Fear – “Wearing the Skin of the Wicked”


Fine with me, as long as you don’t make it into Crocs.

France’s Creeping Fear is about to release their sophomore full-length Hategod Triumph courtesy of Dolorem Records. We’re happy to present to you the new lyric video to “Wearing the Skin of the Wicked” to give you a little taste of this forthcoming dose of fine blackened death.

Fair warning: the track doesn’t knock and doesn’t use the doormat. Rather, it will kick down the door and barge in on you rather ruthlessly. Don’t be too alarmed by its rudeness, however; as it settles down into a mid-tempo groove, you’ll find that it might even take its shoes off.

That’s only so as not to get them dirty, of course, because you are about to be dragged into the kitchen by a swirling tremolo riff and expertly vivisected via swift cutting motions that the music almost seems to act out with the sick start-stop riff beginning at around 1:40.

From here on out, it’s all frantic energy, all blasts, double bass, and more of that manic riffing as skin is removed from tissue. Ere long, a short and sweet guitar solo goes to work with needle and thread, and after a final bout of blasting—voilà!—it’s done. If only you could enjoy your new existence as a slightly hairy sportscoat.

For more of that gruesome/awesome death metal, check out two more tracks here and pre-order the album ahead of its release on March 26.

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