Flush it Friday: Ammit Edish


Dying in ancient Egypt was a harrowing experience: not only was your life likely snuffed out early and in some remarkably brutal way, you also had to pass a test afterwards just to get into paradise. (I can imagine a lot of pharaohs having recurring nightmares of ending up in the Duat wearing only their undergarments.) If you’d committed none of the 42 sins (!) listed in the Declaration of Innocence, your heart would be weighed on Anubis’ scale and would be found lighter than Ma’at‘s feather. If not, one cuddly crocodile-lioness-hippo demon was waiting in the wings to devour your viscera. Ammit, the “Devourer of the dead,” incorporated the Nile’s most deadly creatures, symbolizing the inevitability of annihilation. And look how cute she is!

I wonder if she gets the zoomies.

This was by no means an elaborate ruse designed to plug Cormorant. But they do have a song about Ammit. Weird!

365 made fun of Slaughter to Prevail in this edition of Shirt Stains. I enjoyed it:

Shirt Stains: Hatebreed & Slaughter To Prefail

Prof Guanaco spoke with Hodos and we all learned some interesting facts:

Album Premiere: Hodos – Del Infierno

Jake and The Mighty Fall let the right riffs in with this video premiere:

Video Premiere: The Mighty Fall – Let The Right One In

Eenzaamheid asked a band questions about Colin M’arston (I think the band was Bandit):

Interview: Bandit

Aaron Nahab‘d the Blut Aus Nord promo and had opinions on their latest album:

Review: Blut Aus Nord – Disharmonium – Nahab

Which is your favorite Egyptian deity and/or demon? Recite me the 42 sins you are clean of along with your G/B/Us, and I shall grant you access to Disqus. ~<3 Roldy

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