Premiere: Suffer – “Inhalent Caustic Foray”


A classic in the making

Do you, dear listener, prefer your death metal more elegant than the norm? Do you consider yourself a connoisseur of carrion, a dilettante of demise, an aficionado of effluvia? Do you take the time to truly appreciate the bouquet of cadaverine before sipping from your wine glass of mummy slurry? Then might I recommend Suffer and their “Inhalent Caustic Foray” as a sample of our stock?

Take a moment to examine the tone, the melodic structure; feel the grit as it rolls across your eardrums and note how it calls back to the early days of melodic death metal. But make no mistake- this is not just sparkling Carcass. Formed in 1989- a fine vintage if I do say so myself- Suffer has aged wonderfully into the 21st century alongside the progenitors of the genre, bringing with them a very particular flavor that is difficult to emulate by newer acts. There’s an eloquence to the brutality and precision in their chaos that will feel familiar to the true epicure. This was, of course, deliberate; see what vocalist C.R. Petit has to say of it:

I love writing lyrically for Suffer. It gives me a ton of freedom on so many levels. My approach has evolved over time. The song “Indolent Quest for a Moral Compass” off last year’s EP sums that progression up pretty well. I like to dream up the most obtuse topic and make it as poetic as possible. It’s too easy to simply gore something out and be disgusting. It takes time and effort to take that same topic and make it elegant, poetic and intelligent all while covering a topic that is absolutely abhorrent and foul. The music is very much the same: elegant at times, poetic at times and absolutely brutal and abrasive at times.

Grand Canvas of the Aesthete releases on March 29th via Wise Blood Records
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