Flush it Friday: mmmm mummy slurry


It’s the weekend. Time for shitposting.

Gonna keep it real freaky brief here because this is my 7th post of the week and I’m fucking tired. We published some quality shit so catch up on it right now.

We had our fourth birthday this week. Buy a fucking t-shirt.

Celebrate Toilet ov Hell’s 4th Birthday with a New T-Shirt

Link joined us on the pod to talk about his journey leaving Venezuela.

Toilet Radio 132: Adiós, Venezuela

That Varg fella sucks

Varg Vikernes is a Fucking Poser

Ol Anal Nathracky is bad

LOL @ New Anaal Nathrakh

The Simpsons and metal are good. They’re even better together.

Millions Of Dead Simpsons’ Greatest Hits

OK, bye everybody.

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