Premiere: Sun Speaker’s Arrival Brings Resplendent Blackened Death


If tastefully charred death metal is your thing, then we’ve got exactly what you need.

Sun Speaker aren’t just adopting some affectation of misanthropy in their music; Ov Lustra is an album about loss, and “Arrival” evokes the spectrum of emotions that come with it. The sheer speed and aching vocals make rage the prevailing expression, but the chords and melodies from the strings give it a subtle air of sorrow as well. It’s about feeling as much as telling a story, and the band weaves the two together masterfully. It’s cinematic in presentation, but with a human element that keeps it grounded.

Of course, I am a slave to the riff as well, and Sun Speaker fully deliver the sweet life-giving jams I so crave. “Arrival’s” murky, oily intro is set ablaze by an explosion of guitar and hammer-blasting drums, underscored with some truly ferocious bass work. They intermingle atmosphere and technical prowess as easily as they do story and emotion, never leaning too heavily on one or the other. It’s easy on the ears, too, with a solid mix and some pleasantly slick tone; bright and clean, but not sterile. Also, check out that rad artwork:

Ov Lustra is out on April 20th via Subliminal Groove Records. Be sure to give the good dudes in Sun Speaker a like and a shoutout on Facebook.

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