Exclusive Stream: SEWERCIDE – “Megalithic Tomb”


Come and get your fix of crusty old-school death metal, courtesy Melbourne’s own Sewercide.

After a series of demos, splits, and last year’s very lit Severing the Mortal Cord EP, Sewercide are ready to drop their debut full-length record, Immortalized in Suffering. I was first introduced to the band by Lacertilian, our resident metal polyglot/gourmet chef/lizardperson. He really digs the band and goddammit, so should you.

“Megalithic Tomb”, the seventh track from the upcoming album, kicks in with hefty drums and a forceful guitar riff. Throughout, the band spits venom as they shift seamlessly from blastbeats to grooves and back again. You’ll find yourself alternatively air drumming and nodding your head like a dingus just as the track abruptly closes with the words of The Gemini Killer from Exorcist III, “He’s inside with us! He’ll never get away! His pain won’t end!” Jam it below.

Awesome, right? I’ve got even more good news for all US-dwelling metal nerds. Sewercide are planning a big daddy United States tour in support of Immortalized in Suffering. Peep the dates below and check them out in your neighborhood.

6/1 – Los Angeles, CA
6/3 – Phoenix, AZ
6/5 – Dallas, TX
6/6 – Austin, TX
6/7 – Houston, TX
6/9 – Gainsville, FL
6/10 – Tampa, FL
6/13 – Atlanta, GA
6/14 – Lexington, KY
6/17 – Baltimore, MD
6/18 – Philadelphia, PA
6/20 – Brooklyn, NY
6/21 – TBA
6/22 – TBA
6/23 – Worcster, MA
6/24 – Buffalo, NY
6/25 – Rochester, NY
6/26- Cleveland, OH
6/27 – Pittsburgh, PA
6/28 – Detroit, MI
6/29 – Minneapolis, MN
6/30- Colorado Springs, CO
7/1 – Denver, CO
7/6 – Oakland, CA
7/7 – Oakland, CA
7/8 – Ashland, OR
7/9 – Bend, OR
7/10 – Portland, OR
7/11 – Seattle, WA

Immortalized in Suffering is out June 13th on the very righteous Unspeakable Axe Records. Preorder it here, Like Sewercide on Facebook to get the details on their upcoming tour, then go get yourself a beer. You deserve it, champ [Lizard note: Joe means “cobber”].

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