Track Premiere: Revulsed – “Perditional Enslavement”


Brain worms… or something even worse.

Toilet ov Hell favourites Everlasting Spew Records, or Yuck Everlasting as I’ve just now decided to call them, are at it again, bringing you another doozie to make you twozie in those Lee Pipes you’re still rockin’. Arriving digitally, compact discly, and cassettely on December 15, Revulsed‘s upcoming sophomore album Cerebral Contamination is no doubt the perfect stocking s(t)uffer for all your plagued ones.

Today, we’re dangerously stoked to bring you an exclusive premiere of “Perditional Enslavement,” the third single from Cerebral Contamination. Longtime fans of Revulsed’s particular brand of repulsive, revulsive, and propulsive brutal death metal will no doubt rejoice in the band’s continued affection for Suffocation and Defeated Sanity, supercolliding a range of gurgled and tortured vocals, whacked-out riffs and vertiginous solos, and a bass/drum backbone that adds a special kind of low-end repugnance that elevates Cerebral Contamination over the band’s infernal 2015 debut.

“Perditional Enslavement” excels at blending the listener in a vicious vortex of hyperspeed brutality before dropping them into the moshpits of eternal damnation (timestamp 2:09, anyone?) and then ripping them out of the comfort of that perdition only to them them flayed and blistering through another terrifying blitz of razorblade-toothed violence. Additionally, if you can recombobulate your temporal lobe long enough to take a look at the lyrics for “Perditional Enslavement,” you’ll find a veritable treasure trove of brutal death metal poetry. Some personal favourites:

“Perpetual Spiralling prolapse / Consummates in Chthonian misery.” (Imagine a prolapse so perpetual Lovecraft could feel it!)

“Fraudulent restoration / Spawns Amaranthine suffering.” (Speaking of everlasting spewing, yuckage, and torment!)

“Asphyxiate through Calefaction.” (It’s gettin’ hot in hurrr!)

“Liberational Anticipation / Empyrean rapture awaits / Omnipotent manifesting In Arcadia” (That actually sounds lovely!)

You don’t need to have attended the IWW to know art when you hear it. So jam your crusty Airpods into your wax-caked ears and smush your ever-atrophying fingers onto your grease-clogged mouse to press play on the cacophonous yet sonorous mess below!

Cerebral Contamination arrives December 15, 2023, via Everlasting Spew Records. Look for a vinyl release in 2024!
Try not to get gorged on or engulfed by any of those
things up there.

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