Premiere: Xoth – “Manuscripts of Madness”


The land trembles as an unspeakable arcane monstrosity reawakens (Xoth is putting out an album again).

That’s right folks, everyone’s favorite blackened tech death-thrash band from beyond the stars have returned to grace our humble bowl once again with eldritch knowledge. It has been four long years since we last basked in their presence (I think something happened after 2019 that made time feel stretched out? Can’t recall), and as they bequeath unto us the “Manuscripts of Madness,” it is clear they haven’t lost their touch in that time. This track is emblematic of Xoth’s style: driving mid-tempo triplet riffs capped off with technical instrumental flourishes are delivered with dramatic flair, and it would feel manic were it not so precise. I love how narrative and tune are intertwined as well, each serving to enhance the other- the bit at the end is particularly great as the protagonist reads the eponymous manuscripts and the riffs become more unhinged. The band invites you personally to experience the insanity:

A terrible call from the ether beckons you into the Eldritch Estate. A vast library of forbidden knowledge leaves your brain salivating for its secrets. A great price shall be paid in order to see what lies beyond. Do you dare enter and risk the same fate as the manor’s former guests?

Exogalactic releases on November 3rd via Dawnbreed Records
Bandcamp | CD (EU)

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