Free Metal Detector: GLOAM


Days ago I received a coupon in the mail offering me a “free” drink with the purchase of a load of shit I didn’t rightly want. Properly disappointed, I hurled the blasted voucher into the nearest garbage receptacle and cursed aloud the Gods of the Strings-Attached Promotional Deal. To hell with strings, I say – I’ve got something truly free for you right here.


Gloam is offering their latest release, Vanquished, for absolutely free on their Bandcamp page. Fans of the Satan ov Hell’s introduction to DSBM will frown in joyless approval of this two-track descent into blackened bitterness. It kicks off with the aptly-titled “Soul Disintegration,” a slow-burner with striking leads that wander listlessly across a soundscape of fuzz. It’s an effectively expressive track, and by the time it’s through with you, you’ll have fashioned a noose and made up your mind.

But if “Soul Disintegration” is the contemplation, then “Vanquished” is the heinous act itself – decidedly less brooding and more suggestive of a breed of hysteria only found far beyond the breaking point. If you like your music bleak, Vanquished  is right for you. If you don’t, then why are you listening to metal in the first place, you turkey?! Download here, stream below:

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