Premiere: Vaticinal Rites – “Plead For Termination”


So wrong, but so rite

Deep beneath the city in the bowels of a centuries-old cathedral lies a terrible secret. Through winding stone passages illuminated by sickly torchlight rests the last vestige of a secret inquisition: a chamber lined with instruments of pain, a stark medieval vision below the polished modernity of the metropolis’s surface. A lone figure stands before the rack, his victim carelessly strapped in, flogged, sweating in pain and choking on the chamber’s thick air. “God’s will,” mutters the torturer, turning the crank with aloof deliberation. As tendons snap and the freshly-carved Enochian symbols in his skin stretch and tear, he begs for a death that will not soon come.

Such is the music of Vaticinal Rites in “Plead For Termination,” the new single from their upcoming Cascading Memories of Immortality. It’s thick, heavy, and violent, lurching forward with a methodical heaving characterized by early Morbid Angel. The leads cut and slice through the mix with the vicious precision of a scalpel, a stinging, searing complement to the grinding of the guitars beneath. This is a very promising showing for those of you who like your death metal brutal and to the point, but with a touch of that sinister elegance that the best of the old school offers. But you don’t need any more flowery words from me when you can just listen below:

Cascading Memories of Immortality releases May 10th via Everlasing Spew
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