Toilet Radio 436 – The Bald Void


THIS WEEK ON TOILET RADOI: Blood Incantation going on at a nice hour, Immolation is better than ever, Danzig is gonna sucker you out of your hard-earned dollars yet again, / Type O Negative have a new AI-generated music video and it sucks for many, many reasons. / Maynard from Tool got a lot of good press for appearing to stand for something, but immediately confirmed that, no, he does not have any real convictions. / We revisit some old metal mags for reviews of Hellhammer, Mayhem, and Anthrax talking shit on Dokken’s best song / Jon Schaffer may be the greatest snitch of all time / We took a virtual tour of Vinnie Paul’s awful house before it was mercifully demolished. Folks, it’s a good one.

Music featured on this ‘sode:
Anthropophagous – Hidden Crematoriums

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