Prog Out With Your Log Out – A Grab-Bag of TovH Submissions


Some times, lovely humans write music and get it recorded and put it on the internet and tell the Toilet Ov Hell to listen to it and we do and it’s good. This is one of those times.

First up, we have a duo of Northeastern math rock/post rock bands who just finished a Northeast mini-tour together over the weekend. Reindeer Castle‘s only posted track “Sandpaper Tongue” brings some preppy shredding and singing before going ham on the fuzz and delay pedals to create a cascading groove that only intensifies as it develops. Check them out on Facebook.


Ghosts of Sailors at Sea play an assertive and lively brand of math-rock goodness. Some of the repetitive, glistening riffs remind me of a grungier Battles. They just wrapped up a brief tour with Reindeer Castle, but hopefully they’ll be on the road and in a city near you soon. Give them a like on Facebook.


I don’t quite know what to make of Reptensol‘s self-released debut Maelstrכsm other than that it is a beautifully confused mess. Every song has a completely different vibe, and they are stellar at some of those vibes but iffy-at-best at others. Riffs and atmosphere abound, but unfortunately so does whack-ass off-key singing. Peep “As The Vessel Encircles” for some shreddy riffing and artful drumming, and soak in the moody majesty of Cloaked In Cyclone as you drift into a riff-fueled haze. Skip “Squallnut” unless you really, REALLY wish that Sleep just had a shittier singer. Do the Facebook thing here.


Now go forth and prog, Toilet readers. Make Geddy Lee proud of us.

prog lol


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