Riff of the Week: 3/26/2016



Welcome to Riff of the Week, my friends, where we gather together to listen to 2-3 good riffs and usually a lot of bad ones and then vote for mostly the bad ones.

Before we get to the riffs, we gotta talk about next week. I had a really good idea for a theme, but then I forgot about it. It’s gone and it’s never coming back. So I’m going to think of another one right now. Uhhhh…

Uhh. Your song has to have the word “fire” in it. That shouldn’t be too difficult, right? Get to it. Send your riffs to toiletovhellriff@gmail.com. Include your name, a link to the riff, the time of the riff, and an explanation for why you chose such a probably bad riff.

Here we go, then.



Honestly how can you not vote for this I just don’t understand who are you people I don’t get it why what is wrong with you I give up please just end me



Taake has riffs coming out of his ears, nose, mouth, butt and MEATUS. This is known. Often progressive, but always black, they are the kind of frosted riffs that should only be listened to inside an igloo. If you don’t have one handy, you can always climb inside your freezer. Riff starts at 4:25. (Note. This version of the song comes of the Kveld EP. I’m not normally a big fan of re-recordings, but he changed the end of the song slightly for the EP and added a sweet, sweet SOLO. You gotta hear it).



I just love the opening riff to this song.


Jack Bauer

The riff that starts around 1:33 is awesome and you should vote for me ’cause I chose it.


Boss the Ross

I’ve been listening to Ranger damn near every day since Stanley submitted them for Solo ov the Year. Their Knights of Darkness EP will punch you in the gut, kick you in the balls and melt your face off in a barrage of relentlessly ferocious Heavy Metal. Everything about it slays. “Touch of Death” kicks off with a killer riff which gives way to one of the greatest falsetto screams that I have ever heard. The main riff kicks in at 0:25 and continues until 0:42 and it repeats itself throughout the song. BASK IN THE METAL!


Ted Nü-Djent

These dudes write riffs that put me in a trance. Very dangerous thing to happen when driving on the freeway on my way to work, but well worth the risk. 1.53 is where it kicks in. The bass in the lead up is fucking lush too so give that a burl if you’ve got the time.



A beastly riff from the new rotten sound (kicks in at 0:35).



I guess dicks are the opposition, because the riff at 4:45 destroys them.



I honestly cannot remember who turned me onto this album, but damned if it isn’t kicking my ass. An interesting fusion of progressive metal similar to (old, good) Dream Theater with some really unique, alternating gutteral and soaring vocals and even what sometimes feels a bit like deathcore elements. The opening track, “From Darkness Until Dawn” opens with this killer riff, which continues to thread itself through the tune, most notably again about 1:13 in. Dig it.









With the release of 1985 I needed to remind me of why I should still be excited for the new album. 25:29 Shows they should let Maciek sing a lot more, plus not to be Thin Lizzy with growls.


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