This Othismos Premiere Will Cook Your Crust


Tasting Notes: metallic sharpness, charred black undertones, unusual mouthfeel, acrid/bitter aftertaste.

We’ve got something a little different for you today. Hailing from Italy, wonky blackened crust/punk/metal hybrids Othismos are set to release their second full-length record on December 7th. However, we’ve got a little early sample here for you to try before you buy. Hit play then read on.

Similar to the way Haapoja, euth, or even The Secret fuse wild aggro black metal-adjacent atonality with crust punk sensibilities and unpredictable song structuring, Othismos carry a range of explosive constituents and just one short-ass fuse. As you can hear on the track we’ve got today, ‘Hymn Of Victory’, even in their most lucid moments, the young band exhibit seething distaste. Although, if you’re in the mood for something a little more upbeat and in accordance with how the rest of Separazione plays out, I’ll embed the other pre-release track below. Either way, if you’re looking for a little crust to filth-up your day, Othismos have got what you need.

Here’s what the band had to say about today’s premiere:

‘Hymn of Victory’ is like the son that you initially didn’t want, but that you end up loving more than the others, eventually. We worked a lot on this track in the studio, meaning that it was one of the less ‘ready’ to be recorded and which needed to be fixed, at least in our minds. But now it’s definitely one of our favorites, above all because it sounds different from much of our other material.

The lyrics, on the contrary, perfectly fit in the record: they’re taken from an alleged Bulgarian chant of war – hence the title – that dates back to the First World War. It represents the animal instinct of war, thirst for blood, the contempt for the life of the appointed enemy, racism. These sentiments are ever-present in society and can be triggered any time. Humanity is cancer“.

Separazione releases on December 7th. Pre-order your copy from the link below.

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