Birdflesh – Land Of Forgotten Riffs: A Video Breakdown


I’m seeing double! Four Birdfleshs…Birdfleshes…Birdfleshi?

Last week, our dear Bavarian Boi hands premiered the music video for Birdflesh’s song “Land Of Forgotten Riffs“. Eagle-eyed readers (or, y’know, people that didn’t just skip straight to the video) may have seen that Hans asked for a Video Breakdown. If I could be the Ellis to Hans, “Hans. Bubbe. I’m your white knight!” Or, if you prefer a different 80’s movie classic, “Nobody puts Hansy in the corner.” This one’s for you, mein liebchen.



Video directed by John Waters.


Typical Friday night at Yngwie’s.


Pixelating it somehow made it dirtier.


This is where guitars go after being at Guitar Center for too long.


Birdflesh’s album  Extreme Graveyard Tornado via Everlasting Spew.



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