Flush It Friday: Mold Habits Die Hard


Yippee Ki-Yay, Motherflusher.

It’s that time of week again. Well, for you anyway; for me it’ll be Saturday morning when this publishes. And there’s a 5/7 chance I’ll still be crankin this mad new Tomb Mold track which dropped today. As you’ve probably worked out over the past couple of years, this band really snaps my neck. Anyway, ‘Abysswalker’ is the first track we’ve been treated to from the band’s upcoming album Manor Of Infinite Forms, and picks up right where Primordial Malignity left off – dumping a massive grunt on your face. Stab play, then stare in bewilderment at the wild cover art like the hapless sac of organic matter you have no doubt stagnated into by this time on Friday arvo.

So what else has happened this week?

Joe and the guys caught up with our very own Dr K of Nequient to discuss their new record, the do’s and don’ts of lyric writing, comics, sci-fi, politics, and a bunch of other fun shit on this week’s TovH Flushcast.

Toilet Radio 115: Comix & d-beat with NEQUIENT

Spear clued us up on the huge new Inferi joint, and all this week’s other tech-death gnus.

Tech Death Thursday: Inferi – Revenant

Being the busy bloke he is, Spear also premiered some Game Of Thrones-ass power prog technical death craziness. Don’t question me. Just listen to it.

Premiere: Valyria – “Steel Inquisition”

Oh, and that whole Unravel LP I covered on Tuesday is out today too. FFO: Nails, Brutally Deceased, Black Breath. Shit goes hard as fuck, get at it.

What’s your week been like?
What you got lined up for the weekend?
Tell us now, or forever wear your fleece.
The floor is yours!

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