Rho Stone’s Audiovisual Adventures: Red Fang Edition!


If you’ve never seen a Red Fang video, today is your lucky day. (Joe Note: Dude. Red Fang videos are THE BEST.)

Red Fang is an amazing band that understands the need to hire a web designer worth his salt. Instead of pretending to be gritty tuff guys in a Syfy movie they make stuff you want to sit through from beginning to end. They take music and make it fun, and they’ve passed that onto their videos as well. You should totally check them out.


Prehistoric Dog

Red Fang go Larping. This is a perfect example of people being creative with what they’ve got lying around. They took making weapons and suits of armor out of beer cans and made it fit into a narrative. Plus they got to drink lots of beer. That’s always good.


Hank is Dead

Red Fang organize an air guitar contest. I’d love to rig a car to go around the streets playing like that. It can be done. So by now they’ve got a bigger budget, they can get themselves a venue and a crew who know what they’re doing. There’s some crafty camerawork in play here. Check all the angles they pull out when they go around town in their car. Quick changing camera angles are important to make the viewer keep focused on what he’s watching.


Dirt Wizard

I’ve read in the comments (I read the comments) and heard from metal fans in general that they hate when videos are just the band playing while people go apeshit and travelling around. But if you have to make a video because the label guys demand it because publicity, I think it’s the perfect cop out. In fact, I think they should do this. In case anyone related to a label is tuning in (btw hi dudes, the Toilet Ov Hell will gladly review and flush your bands if you send stuff to us at toiletovhell@gmail.com), if you’re doing videos because you want to promote live shows, why instead of having Arch Enemy doing videos full of nincompoop don’t just show us videos of the live shows? Just record the band playing. If you use a TV switcher you don’t even need an editor. Color correct it and put it on youtube. It’s easier and cheaper. If you don’t do that because your bands suck live, well, stop signing bands that suck.



This video is about Red Fang making a video about making a video on a budget. They just wanted to roadkill milk jugs and shit. This video is by far my favorite. I don’t know how much Relapse invests in their band’s videos but they’re making the BEST videos. If I were in a band looking for a label, Relapse is where I would want to sign. I don’t know if the budget is necessarily $5000; they have a camera, a tripod and basic lighting in regards to equipment, but I doubt Brian Posehn and all that stuff they crushed were cheap. Also people tend to forget this, but editors don’t work for free. Maybe they just kept ramming stuff until they ran out of budget. I love it.


The Meadows

Red Fang eats. That’s it. I feel kinda cheated with this one. I understand what they’re doing, setting everything up with the framing and color correction of fancy cuisine videos and juxtaposing it with gags. But in the other video Red Fang ran over stuff with a car. It’s hard to beat running over cases of beer with a car.


Blood Like Cream

Red Fang escape from zombies. Ok, this looks really pro, it’s really a progression from Prehistoric Dog. Why does everything nowadays have to have zombies in it? At least they gave it a spin, I guess. They probably were sitting on the couch watching The Walking Dead and made the equation “Zombies + Red Fang = Beer Zombies”. I really don’t know how else to end this article, here’s GWAR:

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