Riff Of The Week: Purple Edition


[grimaces in Grimace]

Last week we got atomic for our Elemental Edition. Justice finally prevailed. The world is at now at peace. People stopped going mental over razor blade advertisements and baby Hitler. The sky glistened in iridescent wonder. Dolphin dorsals delicately dispersed the placid pelagic pane-glass above, as a single sea-eagle soared serenely southwards atop gentle warm thermal. Microwaves no longer beeped more than once and all eating noise was eradicated from existence. Humanity transcended its corporeal form and traversed the universe unihibited by fear or death forevermore. Tl,dr: I won, sucked in, nerds.

This week, for colour-coded continuity, I asked for riffs fitting the theme Purple. Previously we’ve done Red, Blue, Green, White, Black, and probably other colours/tones I’ve forgotten. Anyway, here’s what you sent in…

Andrey Tkachneko
Katatonia – Brave (Riff @ 0:09)

It’s easy to forget that Katatonia was actually good at some point. The opening riff from Brave embodies everything that the band stood for in those days. It instantly hits you with the wave of bittersweet nostalgic longing, perfectly setting up the mood for the rest of the song and the album.
The album cover is purple, so it qualifies.

Opeth – ‘Demons of The Fall’ (Riff @ 2:16)

Er, I guess that bit in the middle of the album cover is kinda purple…

Howard Deanzig
Stone Temple Pilots – “Interstate Love Song” (Riff @ 0:52)

I still listen to a fuckton of STP. Purple is one of my favorite albums ever. No fucks given. There were a couple of great riff choices from this album but I went with the iconic opening/main riff from “Interstate Love Song.” This riff stays with me always. The DeLeo brothers are talented dudes and know how to write powerful, catchy rock songs. I’m a whore for songwriting and catchiness (which is probably why I’ve steadily moved away from most metal music the last couple years). Anyway, enjoy!

Iron Goddess of Mercy
Runemagick – “Witch of the Purple Moon” (Riff @ 0:32)

“What is ‘light urple’?”

Aureole – “Worlds of Ice Stretched Thin Across the Skull” (Riff @ 3:53)

Markov Soroka made big waves with Tchornobog, but anyone into atmospheric space black metal should absolutely check out Aureole. I like the first album even better, but the purple theme demands I go with a track off Aurora Borealis, since I’m pretty sure nothern lights can include the colour in question.

Mithras ~ When The Stars Align (Riff @ 0:02)

I was originally going to submit Puscifer’s Green Valley and be like “fuck guys I’m colorblind” but that would’ve been stupid so here’s a good riff. That stellar nursery on the cover is purple. But this riff is chunky, Morbid Angel-y, and fast; the makings of a good riff.

Malibu Ken (Aesop Rock & TOBACCO) – ‘Purple Moss’ (‘Riff’ @ 0:00)

Was originally gonna submit some Deep Purple or maybe Acrimonious but I’m not feelin’ it rn, plus this dropped yesterday and it’s a great end to this cool collab.

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