RIP In Peace Varg’s Youtube Channel


Smash that dislike button.

It’s a dark, dark day in heavy metal history. Louis Cachet aka Kristian Vikernes aka Varg Vikernes aka Count Grishnackh aka Burzum aka DJ Wyte Gennacide has had his Youtube Channel removed. Maybe it was due to Youtube updating their hate speech guidelines. Like a newborn baby taken from it’s mother, so too was ThuleanPerspective taken from us. Gone are the vlogs about pagans, nationalism, his jeep, murdering his bandmate, bad karate, and attracting a trad-wife. Maybe it was due to Youtube updating their hate speech guidelines. Maybe it was a plot hatched by the Bilderburgs in conjunction with the Lizard People and the Girl Scouts of America. Perhaps it was Euronymous exacting revenge from beyond the grave.

Now what are we supposed to do? To whom in the metal world will we now have go to for insightful commentary and perspective? Tim “Ripper” Owens? Phil Labonte? Fucking Rat Skates?! It’s not fair damn it!

We here at Toilet Ov Hell support free speech. This totally unfair deletion of Varg’s Youtube channel is a grave injustice and sets a dangerous precedent. This will have a chilling effect on the metal world. Who will be next? You? Me? We must stand up as one, link arms with all of our metal brethren and…AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I’m just kidding. Let’s just laugh at this murderous Nazi shitbag poser having his video Livejournal cancelled.

















Good night, sweet prince. Perhaps you’ll find love in the sweaty arms of sites like Gab or Newsmax.


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