Riff Of The Week: Extinction Edition


Riffs from Artificial Brain, Origin, Crowbar, Gravebreaker, and Extinction A.D. Vote or die!

Last week for our Bass Edition the tip I’ve given out numerous times was yet again proven to be A Good One®. Submit a riff from a current band who’re likely to share the post and you increase your chances tenfold. Therefore it should come as no surprise that a new banger from Ripper destroyed a bunch of bands who haven’t done shit for ages (excluding the anomalous Aes, and anything Iced Earth have done since last century).

This week our theme is Extinction
Let’s see what you sent in…

Gravebreaker – ‘Kill and Kill Again’ (Riff @ 0:18)

You gotta do a lotta killing to achieve extinction I guess.

Positronic Brain
Extinction A.D. – “Faithkiller” (Riff @ 0:00)

Extinction A.D. are decent thrash with hardcoreish sing-songy vocals. I like ’em. But the REAL story is this Shirt Stains-worthy shirt that I bought directly from the band for $5. It’s a skull with a missile and a snake going through it for some reason. Only the missile and the snake are the same size, so either it’s a GIGANTIC skull/snake & normal rocket, or a normal skull/snake and a hilariously small rocket.

Artificial Brain – ‘Infrared Horizon’ (Riff @ 3:42)

The concept of the album revolves around the fact that machines have outlived humans: “Robots and Cyborgs who believe themselves to be not of creation of the long extinct humans but a more perfect evolution of them.”. Now that pretty neat.

Crowbar – ‘High Rate Extinction’ (Riff @ 0:00)


Origin – ‘Evolution Of Extinction’ (Riff @ 2:40)

Yes, I know this goes against what I said above as (a) Origin are unlikely to share anything from our site ever again after being burned n died’d on social media a while back, and (b) haven’t released music since this, their final ever song, back in 2011. But this album was their peak and is the first thing I think of when “extinction” and “riff” are mentioned in the same breath. What may be surprising is I’m not picking anything from the furious first half of the track but rather the unforgetable triplety build from 2:40 onwards. Let’s be honest though, it’s Longstreth’s ever-evolving drums for the riff that burn it into your brain.

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