Riff Of The Week: Asia Edition


Y’all sent in Asia riffs right?

Before we get to today’s comp, let’s check out who won last week’s Dan Seagrave Edition. Looks like about 25% of you couldn’t override your impulse to immediately grab the low-hanging fruit, but that’s all good, I’m awarding victory to Ossuarium for the fun of it.

This week our theme was riffs from Asia
Let’s see what you sent in…

Intestine Baalism – “Dark Surface” (Riff @ 0:22)

All hail the Japanese melodeath kings!

Dir En Grey – “Saku” (Riff @ 1:35)

When I saw the theme of this week, I knew I had to submit a riff from this song. I initially had a hard time choosing which riff as the verse is a primer on psychotic intensity and the breakdown/bridge is magnificent. Ultimately, though, I went with the chorus, as it has a better hook than a high class trout, even if I don’t speak Japanese for shit. Also, the video is super fucked up.

Mefitis – ‘Lotophagi’ (Riff @ 3:20)

This little fella pops up throughout the song as a kind of anchor amidst wondrously wandering tremolos. All in all, a most enjoyably befuddling EP.

Rerthro – ‘III’ (Riff @1:44)

I was very close to sending an epic Dragon Guardian breakdown, but I’ve decided not to weeb out yet. My time will come… eventually. Anyways, Rerthro. Bit of a messy album, but it’s got it’s moments.

Mefitis – ‘Cetus’ (Riff @ 0:00)

This band doesn’t sound like anyone else I know (aside from a few hints of Volahn). There’s a lot to digest on this four song EP, so I present you with the first riff one hears upon starting it up. This riff blew me away the first time I heard it.

Iron Goddess of Mercy
Boris – “Heavy Friends” (Riff @ 0:17)

You don’t get “Heavy Friends” tattooed on your arm ditch with two BFFs for nothin’. One of those BFFs doesn’t name his furniture business after it for nothin’. You do it for nothin’… but the r i f f s. <3

Boris – ‘Pink’ (Riff @ 0:00)

This is a riff for ~Cool People Who Like to Have a Good Time~. Smash that vote button, unless you’re a nerd who hates fun

Mortal Incarnation – ‘A Dismal Propagation Into Decay’ (Riff @ 6:03)

Was gonna submit some mad good Teutonic-styled thrash from Beijing but remembered this 2-track Japanese monster EP from earlier this year. The unhinged Dead Congregation/Cruciamentum riff that breaks out following the Thergothon/diSEMBOWELMENT-esque funeral doom section around the 6 minute mark is untouchable.

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