Riff Of The Week: Scandinavia By Proxy Edition



Last week we let loose with all manner of OUGHs, BLEUGHs, and GGUURRs with our Indecipherable Grunt Edition. In the end Barbarian took out the battle with an absolutely mighty roar. Here are the results –

This week, to compliment our recent Scandinavian Edition, I thought we could delve into the immense pool of bands influenced by the metal from that region with Scandinavian-sounding riffs from bands based outside of Scandinavia. Obviously, this was too much to ask.

Positronic Brain
Killswitch Engage – ‘A Bid Farewell’ (Riff @ 1:04)

I own two KSE albums. This one and Alive or Just Breathing. Every time I put this song on, the In Flames of this riff hits me so hard, during both the blasty and melodic parts, that I instantly wanna declare “KSE are pretty good!” And while that may be true, by the end of the album I’m usually pretty sick of them. Oh well, we’ll always have “A Bid Farewell.”

Sol Sistere – ‘Death Knell’ (Riff @ 1:00)

Hailing from Chile, Sol Sistere’s debut is some of the most memorable and well-crafted melospheric (if that’s not already A Thing™, that’s what I’m coining it) black metal you’re going to hear these days. Soaring riffs evoking the squally spirit of 90’s classics from Swedish bands such as Dawn, Sacramentum, et al.

Brutally Deceased – ‘The Art Of Dying’ (Riff @ 0:06)

There was no way I was going to run this comp with only fucking 2 riffs. So here’s a Swedeath-inspired ripper from Czech maniacs Brutally Deceased. If you have a problem, you should have submitted something, you crusty dickflap.

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Next week is a good ol’ fashioned free for all. No theme. Send me any riffs you’ve been stuck on.
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