Sunday Sesh: The Title in the Lyrics Episode


Do you remember how you felt when you heard President Thomas J. Whitmore say, “Today we celebrate our Independence Day!” in Independence Day? Do you remember those tingles that ran up your spine when you heard Kass, the bird-man troubadour, encourage you to “breath in the breath of the wild” in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? Do you know the sheer carnal pleasure of hearing the name of the thing you’re enjoying while enjoying the thing with that name? Then this post is for you.

Recently, our resident hard rock enthusiast and trad metal expert Boss T. Ross took to the book of faces to query the masses. “What’s the best example of a singer belting out the song/album title in the song itself?” His answer was both obvious and correct. Mille Petrozza’s anguished howl of “PUHLEEESHARGHE TO KIEEAAAL” simply can’t be beat.

That said, if we were to entertain the possibility that Mr. Petrozza’s saying the name of the thing you’re enjoying while you enjoy the thing with that name could be beaten, what would best it? What is your favorite example of a singer belting out the album and song title in the song itself solely to increase your hedonistic pleasure? C’mon. I know one sprang immediately to mind.

As for me and my house, I get all a-twitter whenever I hear Warrel Dane ( long may his name live on) croon “This GodLESSS EndeavUUUUHHH” in “This Godless Endeavor” off This Godless Endeavor. Yeah, that’s the good stuff.

Still, the instant one of these deeply erotic title acknowledgments flutters to mind like some kind of sultry carrier pigeon [in retrospect, I apologize for this simile], a much wider flock of lovebirds comes careening near my consciousness.

I’ll probably be thinking about this, and only this, all day.

Okay. Your turn. What’s your favorite appearance of the name of the thing in the thing: metal edition.

(h/t Boss the Ross and Leif Bearikson)

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