Riff ov the Week: 11-7-15


awesome guitarist music player jumps with passion in studio

Gather ’round, friends. Boy, oh boy do we have a hot little batch of riffs for you today. And I do mean little, because only a few of you big dumb buttheads sent riffs in this week. What gives? Dare ye turn your backs on the riff?

Last week, Ted Nü-Djent won your hearts with Mr. Mutoid or whatever.  This week… it’s anyone’s game. And by anyone I mean one of six people, because — let me reiterate — only six of you dumb buttheads sent riffs in this week. Awesome guitarist music player jumping with passion in the studio would be disappointed in you.

Next week:

  • It’s getting cold, so send your iciest riffs. It better be grim, frostbitten, or — if you think you can fucking hack it — both. Coldest riff wins (hint: black metal).
  • Send your riffs to toiletovhellriff@gmail.com. Include your name, a link to the riff, the time of the riff, and a short explanation.
  • If you have an idea for a theme, do tell.



Riff starts at the beginning. Bow to Sadus.



I was thinking of a good riff whilst chatting with more beer and it hit me: Immolation! Their 2010 release Majesty and Decay was in heavy rotation for me before I even knew what skronk was; I just loved the hell out of those riffs. “The Purge” doesn’t waste any time melting your face, riff starts when you hit play.


Akercocke ov Steele

A brief reprise from Mr. Scheidt’s usual 20 minute lessons in DOOM, this sweet little jam just goes to show ya that YOB are not adverse to just saying “let’s boogie,” and at 2:58 you just can’t help but say “dayuum!” Personally I hope we get more little rocking detours such as this on future YOB releases.


Dr. Derelict

Infernal War lays waste to everything for three and three quarter minutes. Closing riff @ 2:37.


Boss the Ross

Gather my Army of Immortals, under The Sign of the Hammer Into Glory we shall Ride. Take The Oath of the Warlord on our March For Revenge, to Kill With Power and spill the Blood Of Our Enemies with The Secret of Steel. Fighting The World with Gloves Of Metal we will spread Violence and Bloodshed from England (Hail!) To The Gates of Valhalla. We shall Carry On as Defenders so that we may pay tribute to the Kings of Metal and a true Death Tone that will Blow Your Speakers and leave you in a Metal Daze. I present before you the greatest Battle Hymn of all, HAIL AND KILL! (2:00 – 2:20).



I’ve had the riff that starts at about 0:16 stuck in my head since 1998.


Ted Nü-Djent

The riff at about 5:57 isn’t particularly original but the band collectively nail it on execution. Particularly with the drum beat at around 6:15 and again so at about 6:32. This song rocks my baalsack. Thanks to the lizard for the rec, if I win this week you shall share in my spoils.



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