Riff ov the Week: The Toileteer Edition II // 1-23-16


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Rock leather boy.

After the toilet-pal-recommendation edition of ROTW went over so well last week (where our main man Stanley took the win, by the way), we decided to do it again. Scroll on down for your second helping of fresh toilet-discovered riffs.

Next week, the riffing shall be of a special variety, recommended by none other than last weeks winner Stan the Man. We will only be accepting riffs from female-fronted bands. Send your riff to toiletovhellriff@gmail.com. Include your name, a link to the riff, the time of the riff, and an explanation.

If you have an idea for a theme, let me know yo.

With that, I leave you with riffs.



This is turning into a Stanley-centric Riff ov the Week, but it’s the right thing to do. He recently turned me on to this song on the TovH Facebook group, and for so doing I have pledged my life to him. Masterlord Servantsquire implores you from the depths of his soul — listen to the friggin’ riff at around 1:50. No reinvention here, but sometimes simplicity is unarguably effective. We’ve been using the hammer since we were neanderthals. Guess what? That shit still works.



Melechesh found their way to my ear holes via a Jack Bauer submission for an album opener Riff ov the Week and a recommendation by Lacertilian to check out their “great fucking album” Emissaries. It turns out Melechesh has a knack for excellent openers, as Rebirth of the Nemesis bursts out of the gates @0:02 with their pummeling, self-described, Mesopotamian Metal…


Coal Roll

Heard about these mystery void dwellers from one of our friends in the FB group shortly before the new year. I have been listening non stop since then, and I predict that this album will be on a lot of 2016 Top 10 lists. Because it’s an album of several parts of what is more or less all the same song, and riff, I am nominating the entire album [Boooooooo you fucking loser. –Masterlord]. For the meat and taters of what this is all about… skip to 20:40.



I had my riff for this week all picked out and ready to submit, but then Stanley posted this song in the comments section of the most recent “This Toilet Tuesday.” The riff that kicks in at about 0:14 is so awesome that I had to change my submission. I’m a total sucker for the use of these kinds of harmonies and melodies in black metal, so this song appealed to me immediately. Really, this entire song is one great riff after another (2:04!!!). Hats off to the Toilet ov Hell and Stanley for exposing me to yet another band I wish I had heard of much sooner.



IIRC, I think it was Tyree that got me into this black metal/war metal assault. Definitely one of the top black metal releases of 2015. Riffs start from the get go.


Boss the Ross

DOOOOOOOOOOOOM as brought to you by…. Sir Tapir.  Yes, it’s true, Mr. The Based. And it jams heavy, from the feedback intro to the slow fade out. Slug Lord delivers a heavy riff to start Triumphant Drunk just right. Not much else to say about it. Tune in. Drop out. Bask in the heaviness.



Another Tyree recommendation from the most excellent Pure Fucking Armageddon column. I’ve had this album sitting in my Bandcamp wish list for a long time (patiently waiting for Drakkar to pull their finger out and get this released on vinyl), when along comes a guardian angel of the common or garden toilet dwelling variety, and hooks me up. Needless to say, I’ve been playing this record all week. The opening riff to Devotion For The Devil starts off in fine head bobbing fashion but with the addition of the jangling tremolo riff, Aegrus’ enthusiasm for the Dark Lord is plain to see. Listen from the start but the riff up for vote is at 0:22. Thanks RJA!



Papa Joe and a couple of others mentioned these guys a couple of times during the end of our first year as a blog, and I finally checked them out at some point this year. Crushing, belligerent hardcore with an eye for the occasional atmospheric. Build up to the riff begins at 1:38. You know the one.






Thanks to everybody’s friend, the irreplaceable Toilet detective Jimmy for this one. Too many riffs to choose so maybe just the first one.


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