Flush it Friday: Ovipositor Appreciation


When I picked up Endless Forms by Seirian Sumner, I knew I was getting into some twisted shid, as I’m familiar with some of the life strategies of wasps. Along with hyperparasitism and being able to hunt prey many times their size, some wasps (for example, the ichneumon wasps) have an absurdly long ovipositor used to lay eggs either under tree bark, or on/inside paralyzed prey. It’s a grim prognosis for the paralyzed—perhaps a week or two of being eaten alive from the inside. Be thankful though, the wasp larvae keep the essential organs running so their food doesn’t rot prematurely. Bone apple tea!

Badger Chibo spoke with Garry Brents about his new project, Memmorhage:

Interview: Memorrhage

Bob Genghis Khan dug into some hot crossover buns (Long Pig Flavor) with The Donner Party:

Review: The Donner Party – Cutting Class

BSG got into some nu-jazz with a Jonathan Hay track premiere:

Track Premiere: Jonathan Hay – Touch Peel and Stand (Nü-Jazz Mix)

Spear premiered a track from Bloodletter‘s upcoming LP. (No grimoires were harmed in the writing of this article):

Premiere: Bloodletter – “The Last Tomb”

Aaron stared into the abyss with this Starer review:

Review: Starer – Wind, Breeze, Or Breath

Got any interesting wasp stories? Give me them deets along with the G/B/Us! ~<3 Roldy

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