Free Metal Detector: Daemogog | Aumnarium


Split your brain open, not your wallet.

Some of you may remember around this time last year crazy-talented Cool Card© carrying Canadian Brendan Campbell (Octexosis | Hermit Cult | Kerala) released a dimension-devouring death metal debut for his solo project Daemogog. Like a blazar (black pulsar) ionising everything falling within its ever-expanding maw, the album emitted pulses of world-warping dissonance in concentrated beams atop the backdrop of unending black. Fast forward one solar orbit, and Daemogog has returned to digest more of your meek meaty matter. Guess gorging on galactic gas and dark matter doesn’t satiate quite the same as a spicy Simian steak?

From the first track on Anagogic Imposition, it’s clear that a year in the chilly celestial wilderness has done little to subdue Daemogog’s strong sonic front. As on Ancient Extradigestional Rites, Brendan’s ability to create huge seismic sound shifts with guitars alone is the most prominent feature of his music. Intense vibrational bass waves shunt planetary matter with each distorted thump. Militaristic shouts punctuate the warbling otherworldly gutterals, as if a bellicose space sergeant was straining his last orders to a crew facing impending interstellar doom at the hands of an approaching amorphous alien assailant. Add in the pounding percussive bursts and the result is immense.

On the Aumnarium half, things are a little more earth-bound. Less space-slugs and more terrestrial-tech. Brendan’s co-collaborator for this split is Miles Chic, who only released the first music under the Aumnarium moniker a month or so ago. Followers of this particular shitpit site on the weekends will remember my dude Dubya covering the debut for a recent edition of the Sunday Sesh, where he described Chic’s music as –

“This is unique, creative music that blends tech death and black metal in a way that’s so rare, and it’s all done with an attention to mood and melody that ensures you’ll be banging your head for a long time.”

And while I feel these two tracks focus more on the experimental end of his sound, there’s definitely some immediately satisfying riffs and evocative passages. The two projects form quite a cohesive combination, with each half offering a contrasting extreme of esoterica and enormity. Give it a try today for the extra low price of free.

Anagogic Imposition was released today through Daemogog’s Bandacamp page.
As we always say, this release is free but definitely worth swinging a few shekels to the artist(s) for.

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