Flush It Friday: Podcast Edish


Hey y’all, it’s Friday and I couldn’t think of anything to flush, so let’s talk about something that doesn’t deserve to be: podcasts! In the past year my listening habits have largely shifted to podcasts over music. There’s still music to be heard, but I have been devoting about 75% of my listening time to podcasts. And in this, the year of our Lord 2021, there are approximately 6.9 podcasts released per person living in the United States! It’s tough to sift through them all. Might I provide a few [lesser known] recommendations which might appeal to the enthusiastic Toilet reader?

Here’s a ‘cast that covers a YUGE variety of topics, dissected by two extremely smart hosts whomst possess a ridiculously large amount of knowledge on said variety. The goal of this one is to go into detail about different stories or events from modern history that were covered mildly in the media—or discussed in a rather biased fashion from only one side of the story. You’ll find episodes ranging from the Jonestown Massacre to the dangers of conservative media. (The episode “Losing Relatives to Fox News” is what hooked me, which really helps explain why conservative “news” sources are so appealing to people generally older than we are. That episode is an easy 5/5 flaming toilets.) Currently I’m on “Tipper Gore vs. Heavy Metal” which would be right up any reader’s respective alley. I would describe this podcast as liberal/left without being obnoxiously extreme.

A few years ago when I first became frens with Roldy, he convinced me to watch a TV show that I had previously skipped over, The Sopranos. And holy moly was I hooked! That show is easily in my top 5 of all time. And what better way to re-visit the series than by listening to two hilarious comics discuss every episode in detail? Vince Mancini and Matt Lieb comb over every detail from every episode chronologically and make me tear up with laughter. Also worth noting is the podcast theme song, which is a spoof of “Woke Up This Morning” by A3 that never not makes me chuckle. Also also worth noting: this is the only Sopranos podcast in existence, no matter what anyone else might tell you. (The hosts also do an equally funny ‘cast about movies, titled The Filmdrunk Frotcast. Go ahead and Google what a ‘frotcast’ is, I dare ya.)

For some odd reason, horror movies seem to appeal to metalheads! Crazy innit? Every week hosts Joe Lipsett and Trace Thurman discuss LGBTQ+ themes in horror films, both past and present. Who knew there were so many gay themes in horror films (aside from the obvious pick A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge)? They’re amazingly articulate and knowledgeable about all the mundane details of all our favorite films, and I definitely recommend joining their Patreon for the bonus episodes. (If you’re reading this Joe and/or Trace, I so appreciate that you tackled Ravenous, but we have to disagree on the sheer magnitude of gay undertones on this one 🙂 )

Simply put, musicians who partake in crime. And if you only sample one of my recommendations on this Flush It Friday, please make it this one. Crime In Music is my absolute favorite podcast upon discovering it a few months ago (via the Pantheon Network, who have thus far yet to respond to my request that they add TovH to their lineup). I’ve blazed through every episode so fast that I’m now going back and re-listening to them. Now I’m going to level with you: one of my buddies claims that the stories are occasionally inaccurate with some of minute details, and a few of the earlier episodes were recorded on very low volume; but that doesn’t affect how flushing FUNNY the hosts Brian J. Kinsley and Ben Ruppel are. Simply put, I cannot get enough of their candor. Those fellas are in their 40’s and have been friends since grade school, and it shows: their dialogue is natural, occasionally somewhat crude, alluring, and consistently hilarious. They go back as far as a violinist from the 1700’s who was inspired by Satan, all the way up to modern rapper Tekashi69, and several festivals in-between (for example, Woodstock ’99). I really, truly think this one has a chance of becoming gigantic, give it a shot (and let me know if you dig it). It is 10 times better than their primary competitor Disgraceland and much more engaging, for what it’s worth.

So that’s just a sample of what I’ve been rocking recently. Do you have any relatively obscure podcast recommendayshes? Sound off in the comments, along with your G/B/U plz. And have a terrific weekend! Stay safe, y’all.

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