Riff-Raff Podcast: Ep.27 – Bleach The Controversy


On this week’s Riff-Raff podcast we cover new music from False, Witch Vomit, Jute Gyte, Racetraitor, Needle Play, and No One Knows What The Dead Think, whether shidding or cumbing on the Confederate flag is better praxis, straight-edge Sabbath, Discordance Axis karaoke, confrontational merch, grinding Harry Potter fans, wtf skramz are, undead Betsy DeVos + Kellyanne Zombay and does Witch Vomit smell like children?

ICYMI: last week Crypt Sermon sentenced us to Eternal Doom.

New Music Featured This Week:
Racetraitor – ‘Journey Of 5 Dead Stars’ from Riffs For Reproductive Rights (out now)
False – ‘A Victual For Our Dead Selves’ from Portent (out 12/7 @ Gilead Media)
Witch Vomit – ‘Dripping Tombs’ from Buried Deep In A Bottomless Grave (out 30/8 @ 20 Buck Spin)
No One Knows What The Dead Think – ‘Yorha’ (out 20/9 @ Willowtip)
Needle Play – ‘Naysayer’ (out now)
Jute Gyte – ‘Angelus Novus’ from Birefringence (out now)

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