Flush it Friday: Discworld Edition


I recently embarked on a daunting voyage into the first of many Discworld (Terry Pratchett) novels. I suppose it’s not totally unheard of to need a chart to navigate the chronology of a series, but the tangential connections, along with the directly linked novels, seem like a veritable labyrinth. However, any series that posits the cosmic coupling of giant space-turtles as the “Big Bang Theory” is worth it in my book. Speaking of bangers, here are some of the goods from this week!

I Instigated the end times with this track premiere:

Track Premiere: Instigate – “Witness of the End Times”

Sepulcrustacean gazed into the void, and a new Inanna rekkid gazed back:

Review: Inanna – Void of Unending Depths

TheoBomb interviewed “Grim” Kim Kelly about merol and her new book!

Interview: Kim Kelly Talks Fight Like Hell and her metal roots

Hans Remains a gud boi. Check out this premiere he wrote, ya dingus:

Track Premiere: Remains – “Bloodthirst”

Have you read any Terry Pratchett? How wrong is it to start with the Rincewind novels? Tell me I’m a bad owl for my choice alongside your G/B/Us! <3 ~Roldy

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