Premiere: Medium – “Black Future Patrol”


It’s only Tuesday. That sucks monumentally.

While we can’t really do anything about that, what we will do is present you with a taste of another fine release from Transcending Obscurity. What that might do in turn is remind you is that while today might suck, tomorrow most assuredly will, too.

Argentina’s Medium plays a mix of genres including crust, hardcore, and death metal. The two tracks available thus far experiment with different combinations of these to find which mixture will yield the most explosive result, but “Black Future Patrol,” the song we have for you today, strikes more melancholic notes. The surprisingly melodic opening riff makes for a good accompaniment to a drab and grey February day before the song signals a refusal to give in by plunging into a hefty hardcore groove in the chorus. Rinse, repeat, and the exercise is over —a brief but effective ride that should make for an excellent contrast in the context of the record.

Medium’s self-titled record will be out on Transcending Obscurity in March. You can snag the pre-order now on their Bandcamp.

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