Premiere: Nailblack – “Envied”


U.S black metal band Nailblack are releasing their debut, Envied, via Redefining Darkness on September 29th and we’ve got a stream of its fiery title track.

Active briefly at the turn of the century, Nailblack never released more than a demo – but have returned in 2017 to bring their vision of filthy and raw black metal to the masses. “Envied” breaks a few black metal cliches, though the sound is far removed from clean, no instrument is buried away, and thanks to avoiding the genre’s typical lack of low-end, “Envied” brings more heat than it does ice. And the raging first half of the track even climaxes on a brief but welcome guitar solo (!).

Afterwards, Nailblack changes gears for something more Venom-esque, with black ‘n rolling riffs. This is kept in check by the relentless drumming that doesn’t let the band steer into the half-baked Motörcopycat territory, where so many similar attempts end up. Hell, just see, and hear, for yourself.

Pre-order Envied on Bandcamp here. Find Nailblack and Redefining Darkness on Facebook and tell them Toilet said “‘Sup?”.

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