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I don’t do much promotion for the exclusive content I create for the Toilet ov Hell Patreon which is extremely dumb considering how hard I work on getting y’all dynamite perks every month. If you’ll allow me the indulgence, I’d like to highlight the sweet rewards I put together for my lovely patrons.

Great news for those of you that enjoyed last week’s Toilet Radio ‘sode with Cat Jones. Right now you can access part 2 of our chat over on Patreon. We answered more of your pleas for advice about all things relationships and heavy metal. Is it a good idea to wear a metal tee to a first date? Find out the answer to this and many more questions on this extremely good bonus episode. This bonus podcast ‘sode (and like 10 others) is now available to all Patreon subscribers of $5 or more. Listen now.

Don’t wanna hear the talky talk? Just want the jammy jams? Then give a listen to our digital mixtape for the month. I put a lot of love into creating this absolutely disgusting compilation. There’s death metal old and new, grindcore, goregrind, black metal (of the Greek and United States flavors), and even a 90s beatdown hardcore track. I guarantee you’ve never heard at least 11 of these 13 tracks. This digital mixtape (and like 10 others) is now available to all Patreon subscribers of $3 or more. Check it out.

Are you a subscriber to our extremely elite cassette tier? Great news, you’ll get your physical mixtape next week. I hope you enjoy it because the clerks at FedEx gave me major shit when I was printing the covers.

Go check out our Patreon and get all the sweet rewards you can handle. ALSO, if you need any help getting the bonus feed on your mobile device please let me know and I’ll help you set it up.

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