Shameful Self-(non)-Promotion part 2: This Time They’re Punx!


Two short months ago, HessianHunter showcased some of the acts he was excited about playing with on his tour with Maeth, and now he’s at it again! This time he’s hitting the road with the righteous crusties of Rifle Diet, so we’re going to look at some delightful punk rockers that will share a stage with Rifle Diet as they head from Minnesota to the East Coast and back.


If you’re unclear exactly what “crust punk” is, listening to New Jersey’s Disobey is a fine place to start. This shit is grimy, downtuned, and merciless. Guaranteed to get your head banging and fist pumping while your mind ponders the great misdeeds perpetrated by corrupt governments throughout time.

MARCY (Milwaukee, WI)

Marcy plays good ol’ fashioned screamo, aka “skramz”, aka noisy, angular hardcore with an intensely emotional bent. This is chaos. This is uncertainty. This is pain. This is awesome.

RUBRICS (Greenville, SC)

Rubrics are one of the most refreshing hardcore bands I’ve heard this year. Their sound is essentially good ol’ fashioned Dillinger 4 style pop punk with a few tinges of crusty anarchy to roughen up the edges. Jangly riffs, d-beats, and gruff singing intermingle in nostalgic territory, and I’m stoked on it.

COLLAPSE (Detroit, MI)

Collapse are sadly not actually playing our Detroit show, although they set it up for us because they rule. If Rubrics are Dillinger 4-crust, then Collapse are Fugazi-crust. 9-chords abound and the vocals, while strong, aren’t harsh. Dischord-style post punk is one of my favorite flavors of rock music, so hearing someone combine that aesthetic with something a bit darker is great. Collapse are also just about the most DIY band you’ll find; they spraypaint over used CD and tape cases for holding their physical media, and they print t-shirts on stuff they buy from thrift stores. Great people with a great message carried by great music. If Collapse come to your town, figure out what all-ages basement show they are performing in and get the fuck there. Just be prepared to fall back, bros.

SKATEGOAT (Milwaukee, WI)

This band doesn’t have any recorded music or social media presence but I am still impossibly excited for the Milwaukee show because we are playing with a powerviolence band called motherfucking SKATEGOAT. Also because Wisconsin = drunk o’clock. Every. Damn. Time.


Thanks for reading, y’all. If you’re curious, this is what Rifle Diet sounds like: Scandinavian inspired, Tragedy worshipping, femme/queer/poc-positive crust punk. I can say without a twinge of hubris that this record is one of my favorites of this year, because it was written and recorded months before I joined this band. You can stream it below, and a proper LP release is coming soon.It’s an honor to join a group I’ve been such a fan of and get to play this stuff with friends that care about both the same music and the same causes that I do.



  • Thursday 10/23, Minneapolis MN @ the Riverboat w/ Girl, Regress, Morality Crisis
  • Friday 10/24, Appleton WI @ the Poison Estate w/ Anthropic, Rotten Minds
  • Saturday 10/25, Detroit MI @ Trumbullplex w/ Snafu, Social Werq, Dakhma
  • Sunday 10/26, Pittsburgh PA @ Busway Banx w/ Unknown to God, Silent Order, Eel
    Monday 10/27 TBA
  • Tuesday 10/28, Trenton NJ @ Joe’s Mill Hill Saloon w/ Disobey, TBA
  • Wednesday 10/29, Somerville MA @ PA’s Lounge w/ No Tox, Rum Ham, Aneurysm
  • Thursday 10/30, Providence RI @ AS220 w/ Rat Stab, No Tox, Radio Carbon
  • Friday 10/31, New Haven CT @ Daggett St Halloween Cover Show
  • Saturday 11/1, Philadelphia PA @ Beaumont Warehouse Halloween Cover Show
  • Sunday 11/2, Huntington WV @ Cricketcave w/ Codename: Cricketman
  • Tuesday 11/4, Greenville SC @ Fort Rookscare w/ Rubrics, Marrow of Earth
  • Wednesday 11/5, Cincinnati OH @ the Comet w/ Coelocanth, Rat City
  • Thursday 11/6, Indianapolis IN @ the Beehive w/ TBA
  • Friday 11/7 Chicago IL @ the 2040 w/ Krang, Lord Snow, Abrupt!
  • Saturday 11/8 Milwaukee WI @ Bad Girls Club w/ Marcy, Skategoat, Soup Moat, Watchers Woods
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