Shameful Self-(non)-Promotion part 3: Pumpkin Baby Goes West


It’s once again that time when HessianHunter goes on tour with his dumb band and tells you all about the other (way better) bands he is playing with on the road! This time around, Maeth is going to the West Coast of the United States via the Southwestern desert lands. Keep reading to discover some fine, fine groups of doomers, proggers, and straight-up weirdos from all over the western half of these United States.


The quick-and-dirty Witch Ripper EP is just the hazy riffgasm you’ve been aching for. It’s a perfect balance of traditional and modern doom, with lots of melody and nary a trace of corny 70’s worship. I’m excited not only to play with this sweet band, but also to reconnect with Witch Ripper mastermind and Minneapolis expat Curt who used to play in Iron Thrones (RIP), a group that remains criminally underrated.

 HEIRESS (Seattle)

I am legitimately shocked I wasn’t previously aware of this gem in the Deathwish Inc. stable of bands. Heiress is post-metal for people that actually like Neurosis’s early hardcore era – “contemporary loud-quiet-loud” as they call it. Sounds like beards being set on fire in slow motion.


Buddhist Transcendentalist technical death metal. All of you who lost your shit over Fallujah earlier this year need to spin Inanimate Existence immediately and utilize every brutal blastbeat, nasty sweep, and trippy synth line as a stepping stone to ascend to higher planes of nonexistence. You can see them (and us!) at the gnarly Soul Splatter death metal festival in Oakland on May 16.

 BLACK MARE (Los Angeles)

Mandatory listening for all you doomgaze fans out there. Black Mare has the lush production of Marriages and the evil aura of Chelsea Wolfe. Also, that album art legitimately creeps me the hell out, probably because it gives me True Detective flashbacks.

 DISASTROID (San Francisco)

Disastroid make howling rock n’ roll bangers with a 90’s flair. It’s noisy, slightly doomy, and doesn’t apologize for its influences. For fans of Melvins, Soundgarden, and bands who play with conviction.

Peep Maeth’s tour dates below to see if we’re coming to your town, and check out the blog in the coming weeks to read some hot-n’-fresh tour diaries from yours truly to see just how stupid and awesome and juvenile and exhausting and satisfying it is to play music around the country with your best friends.

Will we get grotesquely sunburnt in the Arizona desert after running around naked at high noon, creamed out of our gourd on peyote buttons? Will we get stabbed in Tijuana while making an ill-fated tamale run across the border? Will we decide to forsake the rest of tour to stay in Hollywood Hills, get a personal trainer, die our hair blonde and “find ourselves”? Will we leave Portland with unexplained septum piercings and matching PBR tattoos that weren’t there previously? Will Joe Thrash-N’-Kill and I magically trade bodies Freaky Friday style when we meet in San Diego, so that I have to finish the rest of the tour learning how to play drums with Joe’s freakishly small little boy hands? Will I get bored enough driving through the Great Plains to do this shit again? Tune in to find out! You can also follow Maeth on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter if you want to witness the five of us slowly go insane inside a too-cramped Chevy Astro in real time.

2015 tour dates

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