Discussion: Does Being a Musician Make You More of an “Internet Music Elitist”?


Today I want to pose a question: Does being a musician automatically makes you more of an “Internet Music Elitist?” Does it? Does it affect you? Are you an elitist? Let us all put on our zzzzzzzzzzzz approved Tin Foil Agenda 21 Caps and take a stab at it!

I realize that while some of us are musicians/artists/scratch players it is likely that at least half (or more) of us do not play music instrumentally or vocally in any capacity. Given the inherent split, do you think people who express themselves musically can appreciate musical prowess more so than persons who are not “musical” in any sense? For example: if a guitarist has been playing for many years and has accrued a certain level of  technical proficiency and happens across a hot-grooving Archspire track, does that guitarist project themselves differently to others because “they know what it took” to get to that technical level? Do you even think that a person is able to project such elitism without explicitly saying so? Or can they project it in a different way?

Granted, I realize that persons who are not musical in any capacity can enjoy and appreciate both technical and non-technical music. This fact will not be disputed. What I am getting at is something deeper/more personal that may affect those of us who are musical: our ability to be a dick on the internet. Don’t get me wrong, all people have the inherent  capacity to be a raging understanding commenter on the interwebs. I simply wonder if those of us who are more musically adept are more *eh hem* rude to other peoples’ opinions than those who are not musical.

Regardless, I feel like this question is a bit too broad to be answered with a simple yes or no. It seems to me that it would be quite difficult to uncouple the relationship between those who are more outwardly brazen due to their own musical influence. Factors which could contribute to additional brazenness (not including the potential influence due to their own musical elitism) could include jimmy rustling topics such as why Meshuggah‘s riffs are boring and why power metal is the greatest metal genre. In the advent of such a discussion it seems like it would be nearly impossible to substantiate whether someone was a musical elitist or had simply hit lightspeed-rustling/10 simply by reading their internet comments.

So what do you think? Am I onto something here? Or is there a slight chance that I have taken a bit too much of zzzzzzzzzzzzz’s advice and need to lay off? Are you musically adept and make sure others know it?

Sound off below and lets grind it out!




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