Premiere: Sentient Horror – ‘Cemetery Slaughter’


Aggro-as-fuck buzzsaw death to kick you off down the weekend warpath.

Sometimes it’s difficult for my broken brain to differentiate the days it endures. Quite often weeks will roll by and it feels like all that’s happened is a bunch of mundane drudgery labouring life away 40 hours at a time. Thankfully, every fourth or fifth Friday we seem to get a premiere come through that absolutely kicks my arse and leaves a bruise blue enough to remind me what part of the temporal vortex we’re collectively being sucked into. Today is one such Friday, for we have an umistakably banging death metal premiere courtesy of Sentient Horror.

Now as a Southern Hemisphere dwelling degenerate, I’m not sure if the band’s listed location of Stockholm, New Jersey is an elaborate inside joke or not, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t the most apt regional reference for the trio’s sound. The shredding Swedeath guitars are interspersed with unabashed USDM breaks, forming a powerful sonic blend which appeals to your innate primal urges yet remains deceptively dynamic. I’ve only had time to spin through the album once so far but it has already laid claim to being one of the most energetic and just downright fun listens of the year so far. Here’s what Matt Moliti (vocals/lead guitar) had to say on the direction of the new album:

“Through the writing process, Morbid Realms became a much more serious, angry, mature, and aggressive sounding album than our debut, Ungodly Forms. I wanted to recall the unexpected song arrangements and more complicated structures of the classic early 90’s death metal albums. Lyrically, the album incorporates more otherworldly horror, inspired by authors like Clive Barker and HP Lovecraft.”

Morbid Realms releases on November 29th, pre-order links below
North America | Europe

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